TMJ Therapy to Relieve TMD Symptoms in Houston, TX from William Krell, DDS

The TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is a prominent joint that is central to jaw movement. When this joint is not able to function properly, however, patients can experience a variety of uncomfortable symptoms.  Dr. Krell provides in-house treatments for TMJ problems in Houston. We offer the use of non-invasive dental appliances to address the causes and symptoms of TMJ pain. Our Houston dental office staff works together to maximize patient comfort and restore oral health for who suffer from TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder).

How TMJ Problems StartTMJ Therapy

TMJ connects the lower jaw to the temporal bone, which is located at the side of the head. Pain and discomfort in this area can occur for many reasons and create multiple issues.

Although inflammation and jaw alignment issues are often seen in cases of TMJ, research has failed to identify a single responsible factor. Some jaw pain can be caused by stress-induced teeth clenching or night time teeth grinding. Trauma, sports injuries and infection can also lead to bite problems and pain. 

TMJ can cause problems with speech, biting and chewing, restful sleep and contributes to excessive wear and tear on enamel and dental restorations. 

Many patients with TMD do not understand the relation of their oral health to headaches and facial pain until Dr. Krell diagnoses the problem. With a strong emphasis on patient care, Dr. Krell examines each patient thoroughly to accurately diagnose problems, and provides treatment and appliances for problems associated with TMJ.

TMD Relief with Oral Appliances 

Gentle, non-invasive treatments for TMJ problems provide patients with a solution to pain. Dr. Krell develops customized treatment plans to address the specific issues affecting each patient to restore health to and function.   

Among TMD treatment options, one versatile appliance can offer solutions to many TMJ problems. Oral appliances look and function similar to mouth guards, but are customized to address specific dental problems that result in TMJ pain. The appliances, which are also referred to as mouth guards and bite splints, are worn at night to prevent jaw clenching and teeth grinding.          

Patients whose teeth are worn down due to teeth grinding may benefit from one of our many restoration options. We also provide orthodontic solutions for bite problems. Ask Dr. Krell or any of his staff about dental restoration procedures, TMJ oral appliances, and bite alignment therapy.          

Contact Our Houston Dentist for TMD Treatment

We welcome patients from the Houston area and surrounding communities for gentle and effective care for TMJ problems and jaw pain. Please contact us to make an appointment, or for more information available TMD services.