Same Day Crown Restorations

As dental technology continues to advance, dentists now have opportunities to treat patients with advanced dental methods that require less time spent in the dental chair. Traditional crowns and bridges require at least two visits whereas CEREC crowns and bridges are complete in one. Houston dentist Dr. William L. Krell, DDS, MAGD incorporates the CEREC milling machine into crown and bridge tooth restoration services. His dental office is equipped with the CEREC milling machine which allows Dr. Krell to utilize his expertise while designing your tooth restoration in under an hour. CT scans and CAD/CAMS software provide a clear picture, enabling Dr. Krell to provide a great fitting restoration for a missing tooth or several teeth.

What is CEREC?

The Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC) system utilizes of computer-assisted design (CAD) equipment to create a ready to insert tooth restoration in under two hours. Dr. Krell invested in this high-tech equipment to give his patients quality care in minimal time. 
Using a CT scan’s digital image, Dr. Krell designs the restoration in his office. CEREC technology provides a variety of durable cosmetic restorations such as:

Crowns – restoration for a single tooth
Bridges – will restore 3 or more crowns in a row
Inlays – for the interior of a tooth (fill cavities)
Onlays – covers a larger portion of chewing surface area than an inlay 
Implant supported crownsdental implant restorations

Same Day Crowns and Bridges in Houston

With over 10 years of experience using the CEREC system, Dr. Krell will bring function back to your bite and restore your smile’s beauty.  These restorations are hypo allergenic, tooth colored and fit comfortably along soft tissue. Same day crowns and bridges will also provide benefits including:

- Biocompatible solutions
- Strong ceramic products 
- Color match restoration blend in with surrounding teeth
- Product does not decay

CEREC is a cost effective dental system that requires fewer office visits because of its durability and decay-resistant material. Research has shown that CEREC restorations last over 10 years which is almost double of the expected life of traditional restorations.

Experienced Houston Dentist

If you want to know more about the CEREC system or would like to schedule an appointment for a same-day crown or bridge, please contact Dr. William Krell. This Houston dentist is prepared to help you recover your oral health while rebuilding function and beauty into your bite through the CEREC system.