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Your Houston family dentist, William L. Krell, DDS, MAGD, provides unparalleled care for you and your whole family. Our team consists of dedicated professionals who are passionate about improving your family’s oral health and function. We offer dental services for patients of all ages, from your year-old baby to teens, to adults and seniors. It’s our goal to treat dental problems and educate patients on proper dental practices so that their dentition lasts a lifetime. Our Houston family dental practice is equipped and ready for all of your family’s dental needs. 

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It’s important to invest in proper oral health practices early on, so your child may have good dentition their whole lives. At our family dental practice, our team is committed to the long-term oral health of our patients. Starting with your child’s first visit to the dentist, we clean their teeth and begin educating them, with a parent’s help, on how to best care for their developing dentition. We invite parents to attend examinations with their children, to view the results of our examination to better understand treatment options. Dr. Krell enjoys creating a personal and trusting relationship with his patients; by investing his time into each patient, our Houston dentist is able to provide the right care for every smile at every age.

Part of what we teach our patients, is that proper oral health practices can protect their dentition and oral health. Implementing effective brushing and flossing techniques as well as making routine visits to your Houston dentist help protect your from dental disease. We use advanced technologies to practice preventive dentistry, which looks at your dentition to plan for possible future treatments. Each patient’s smile is unique, and your needs will grow and change with time. But 3-D x-ray imaging and modern procedures we organize a dental plan that cares for your specific needs utilizing the least intrusive procedure to maximize comfort and minimize time and money spent at the dentist. 

As we age, our dentition wears which requires more attention. With this in mind, proactive preventive dental care for seniors is is an important component to maintaining lasting oral function in the future. At William L. Krell, DDS, MAGD, we prioritize oral health care as a means of keeping seniors healthy. Our Houston dental office is well equipped to give geriatric dental patients the time, attention, and gentle care they require. Everyone deserves to feel good about their smile.. 

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